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Hi Cheryl ! I am a mentee of yours, Aliyah Howard, from Crenshaw Christians Center. Cheryl as one of my strongest allies, I need spiritual guidance more than ever. I am doing great on my own personal spiritual journey, but we can always do better ! God put you into my families life for a reason, and I feel extremely blessed, grateful and humbled to be able to come to you as my spiritual counselor! My beautiful mother, Carole Howard, will be helping me with video chat sessions so I can stay connected with you. I have also put you down as a professional reference, I trust that you can provide a honest and positive referral. Thanks so much Cheryl, look forward to working with you !



Cheryl has been such a blessing for me. Every time I talk to her I feel like I can be a better person and I learn so much about myself. Cheryl uplift my spirit and helps me realize how great life can be. Thank you Cheryl for all your help.


Greetings I have been studying with Cheryl for a long period of time, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as fibromyalgia . Through my counseling with Cheryl I have learned about faith and believe, we studied in the word where Jesus says to have faith and believe in God . In order to get well and do my best I need to continue my study with Cheryl And see where God leads us . Cheryl is a excellent counselor she knows how to help you with any problem you may experience in life through the word of God. I enjoy my time with Cheryl and all the help she has provided for me . As I battle with the two diseases I know that my God has already open the door for my healing . Thank you Cheryl for all that you have provided for me and continue with me by faith.

My powerful experience with abundant life under the direction of Cheryl Williams, have caused me to prosper in every area of my life .I went from walking in doubt to walking in the Spirit believe in the word of God which is true. Studying the word with Cheryl on a weekly basis has blessed my whole life, spirit and soul. I love my study and I look forward to Saturday to see what new and enlightening lesson of God's word I shall receive. Cheryl is like my personal trainer in God's word. It is awesome! 🙏🏾 Thank you Cheryl.

It was hard for me to seek help for depression. Cheryl helped me to recognize I had the power through God to defeat depression. She taught me a lot about the condition and I was able to understand the triggers and deal with them right away after only 3 sessions with her.

A satisfied client

Love this.  You do this best, show people what it says in The Word and weave it into your process.  You are truly a Biblical Counselor, that has helped me thru a rough period in my life.

- Irla


" I needed someone to talk to. I felt I had hit a ceiling with my goals and the life I wanted. Cheryl is the Queen of "Real Talk." She helped me to see my patterns that kept me from accomplishing my goals and break the pattern of dating selfish, narcissistic men. 

- ~ A Stronger Woman